November 5th 2022
Oasis, Miami
November 5th 2022
Oasis, Miami
  • Xperimento
    Xperimento is a bilingual, multicultural, cross-genre, All-Star band from Miami, FL that blends world sounds. In other words TREMENDO PARTY! Live on stage, These Grammy Nominated artists burst with flavor crafting clever mashups, slick improvisation, and endless DANCEFLOOR ENERGY! Xperimento has performed a fresh sound truly living up to its name, receiving rave reviews from across the globe since its inception in 2009. Early on as the band was forming, Prince requested to get on stage with them. After playing two songs with the legendary icon the members of the band went on to record and perform with world-famous artists including Ricky Martin, and Fonseca just to name a few! Hailing from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela, mixing traditional sounds with the music of tomorrow comes instinctively. Their debut album Second Floor continues to make fans dance as they tour the world in search of new grooves and experiences. They have been chosen by Navy Entertainment to play for our troops overseas in Guam, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Guantanamo Bay, Japan, and Africa. They were selected to play The Tailgate Stage at Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020, at The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. Xperimento has released their highly anticipated self-produced EP "Diferente" available on all major platforms and have several successful single releases including "Everyday", "Venganza" feat. Vikina, "Ni Idea" and "Colors".
  • Calacote
    Calacote is an urban Latin artist from the Dominican Republic. He was discovered after posting tongue-in-cheek performances of his own music on social media catching the attention of award winning producer, songwriter and entrepreneur, MAFFIO®. Calacote made history as the first signed artist by MAFFIO to his recently launched record label ALKATRAKS Music Group®.In 2022 he signed a global publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing. He kicked off 2022 with the release of his most recent single "Intercambio" in collaboration with Akapellah and featuring Jessy Terrero. Calacote will drop his debut album in 2022 as he continues making leaps in his international career led by Alkatraks Music Group.
  • Mision Hip Hop
    Misión hip hop es un movimiento que fomenta los valores del respeto, hermandad, unión, diversión, paz, y valor a la vida! Una vida sana en cuerpo, mente y alma!

    Lo hacemos tangible a través del arte! De rimar, bailar y hacer sonidos musicales con la boca! Pintar, Dj pasando música! Otros de los objetivos es dar herramientas a los pibes para que puedan tener un arte de expresión y también que sea una fuente de trabajo! Que la gente con problemas de conducta pueda canalizar su energía a través del arte!

    Creemos también que muchas veces la educación falla en los hogares y las escuelas por las formas de llevar a cabo la educación. Creemos firmemente que el hip hop es de la calle y podemos brindar una pequeña luz con el lenguaje adolescente para poder persuadir con arte para predicar esos valores!

    También es una inclusión de todas las clases sociales! No importa de dónde venís, de qué barrio o qué ciudad provincia o país ! El hip hop une por medio del amor respeto paz comprensión y armonía!

    Utilizamos lenguaje joven para que todos puedan sentir ese lugar o espacio brindado como en casa o mejor aún sentirse cómodos como en ni un lugar ! Un espacio para alentarnos y generar charlas motivacionales para que cada cual encuentre su pasión y pueda encarar la vida viviendo con un propósito!

    La idea más profunda de Misión Hip Hop o el sueño! Es que esto quede de generación en generación ! Y que las páginas de la historia cuenten de este movimiento y sean de inspiración para las próximas generaciones! Amamos este movimiento y dejarlo marcado por la eternidad es nuestro sueño más utópico y creemos en esa realidad.
  • Anemoia
    Anemoia is a song based, groove centered Trio made up of Armando Lopez, Andres Ferret, and Aaron Lebos. The band was born through improvisations caught on voice notes, then later transcribed into recorded song. Their self-titled debut record released just weeks before the global pandemic. During the pandemic the band used the time to start and finish their sophomore album "Lost the Plot". The band in their first year has been lucky to have performed several exciting shows including: A sold out album release show (official ground up pre-party), Nudeco Ensemble's live streamed collaborative suite of the band's original music, and opening for legends John Medeski, Skerik, and Stanton Moore at another sold out show in Miami. They have also been remixed by Miami greats, Afrobeta.
  • Diego Melgar
    Diego Melgar is a musician that is recognized for his dynamic style within the Miami music scene. Echoing his experience as a first-generation immigrant, Diego bridges wildly different musical cultures within Miami and across the globe. Diego's talents shine through his experimentation in sound and style as seen through his various projects including, but not limited to: Eris, a hybrid club focused live project with rock tendencies, Butterfly Snapple, an alternative band that exhibits the relationship of hip hop and modern jazz, and The Third Ear, a community based project that invites musicians from all corners of Miami to explore their sonic curiosities through collaborative improvisations. Professionally, Diego has worked with Lauren Jauregui for HBO, performed with the New World Symphony under Michael Tilson Thomas's conduction, and opened for Khruangbin at III Points Music Festival in 2019. In all of his projects, Diego brings passion and dedication to music that radiates in every performance.
  • Musiana
    Indie - singer/songwriter born in Venezuela with a distinctive voice and a psychedelic sound that blends folk, bossa nova, and "street" influences. Based in Miami. Her newest release is called EDÉN which is part of her new coming album.
  • Tomas Lauria
    Singer/ Songwriter Tomás Lauría was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 30th, 1997. Tomás studied music most of his childhood in Caracas where he took classes such as music theory, percussion, Jazz and piano with famous composer Gerry Weil at a very young age. He had to leave his home country due to the political/ humanitarian crisis taking place and moved to Miami, Florida to finish high school. While ln Miami, he started to gain interest in latin music recording/ production and continued to learn and work on his craft. Music has always been a huge part of his life. Creating songs and beats is something he's never stopped doing, Stay tuned.
  • Ana Paz
    Ana Paz is an experimental singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Miami. Influenced by countless artists and genres, she creates a captivating soundscape with her vocal arrangements, polyrhythms, and soul-moving textures. From Afro-Latin rhythms to Arabic singing and electronic synth sounds, every song combines musical elements in new ways that makes it impossible to put her into a box. She's currently recording her first EP, to be released in 2023. It's being produced in Miami with the collaboration of some of the best locally based artists.
  • Nadhi (Dj)
    IG: nadhi_om
    A superstar DJ and emerging producer, Nadhi launched his career in 2010 on the fringes of the blog-house era, with his first residency at the infamous Menace Beach. Over the past few years, Nadhi has become known as one of the most versatile DJs in Miami, playing high-energy sets at venues like Floyd and Eagle Room to psychedelic vibes at Club Space for 420 Yoga. He is also no stranger to the festival circuit, playing this year's Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and Life Is Beautiful, plus Miami's very own III Points. Nadhi is grateful to be creating and performing music for the world, knowing how important dance and movement is to the core of our existence.
  • Cesar Paniagua
    César Paniagua moves smooth and easy, creating music that comes from deep within the country and steps away from conventional sounds of a big city. His productions are an elaborate, creative and a collaborative effort with artists and producers from all over Latin America and the US East Coast, providing a diverse musical panorama from song to song.
  • Mimi Rose
    Mimi Rose is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Argentina, based in
    Miami. She is a genre bending artist who is not afraid to explore her artistic vision, working tirelessly to introduce her unique voice to a rapidly growing audience.
  • Justine
    Justine Garcia is a Miami based singer/songwriter, primarily singing indie pop fusion. Justine has played the renowned iii points festival, iii points open house, was featured by RAW POP UP, WDNA fm, and was recently featured by Sofar Sounds Best of Living Room 2022. Although she primarily sings Fusion Pop, Justine has a strong foundation in jazz, having won a Downbeat award for Jazz Vocal Performance in 2015 and a finalist grant from the National YoungArts Foundation in 2016.Since graduating from Frost School of Music, Justine now frequently gigs at various locations around the country such as New World Symphony Center, The Knight Concert Hall, Olympia Theatre and Antones in Austin Texas. She has also sang backup vocals for many renowned artists such as Gloria Estefan, Ben Folds and Becca Stevens. Aside from gigging, Justine spends her spare time mentoring underserved youth through a nonprofit called Guitars Over Guns.
  • Hunters of the Alps
    "The right time was yesterday." If you listen closely, you can hear Mario Giancarlo Garibaldi recite it as he gears up to release "Cul de Sac," HUNTER OF THE ALPS first single in years. In other words, yesterday is now. As a veteran of the Miami indie alternative scene and such bands as MODERNAGE, HUNTERS OF THE ALPS, and PRIVATE SCHOOL, the time has come to venture off and explore on this own. The previous incarnation of HUNTERS OF THE ALPS, a musical collaboration project kickstarted in 2012 with Jorge —, there was modest success over the years in both South and North America. The vehicle now stands as Mario's solo project, one that will allow him to revel in familiar territory but also let him navigate and showcase sounds of his childhood, his native Peru, and obsessions gathered up during the last decade.
  • Eduardo Atria
    Born in a land of black gold and everlasting lightning, Eduardo Atria is a singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist who claims to have been raised by musicians and by ghosts. In his productions, Atria combines his influences of Southamerican music with rock, blues, funk, soul, R&B, house, Lo-Fi, EDM and more. Atria brings together old and new sounds in his avant garde and surrealistic artistic proposal that, combined with powerful vocals, memorable guitar licks, and meaningful lyrics, sets him apart from the conventional artist. His creative work can be found in collaborations with many artists from all over Latin America and South and Central Florida, as well as in his own solo project.
  • Nia Skyfer
    Nia Skyfer is a Cuban born singer/songwriter based in Miami, FL. From a young age she showed interest in performing arts and by the age of 16 she was classically trained in Opera, also took dance and acting lessons along the way. By the time she reached College she deviated from music and studied Architecture for two years, but ended up switching to a Music Performance Major where she trained in Jazz and R&B.The 24 year old writes music in both English and Spanish since she was 13. She focuses on writing stories from personal experiences about herself and other people around her. Having music influences like Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Rosalia and Shakira means she loves to experiment with not only her sounds but also her style. Her music is upbeat but the lyrics are sometimes dark and nostalgic. Regardless she claims she seeks to spread a positive message and make people happy with her music, even if i t's a sad song she wants others to be able to dance to it. She self titled herself " La Reina Del Cielo" because she believes she's as free and as unpredictable as the sky.
  • OV Grey
    Omar Valdez, better known as Ov Grey, is a Dominican born, New York City raised artist and songwriter. From an early age Omar has shown an undeniable bond with music. From playing the Xylophone at the age of four, to becoming one of the best of Santo Domingo at the age of 12, his musical journey really began when his mom bought him his first cd: Tego Calderon, El Abayarde. In the following years he would co create the duo: GFlow y OV with his now producer and friend: Riki Torres. Quickly gaining a following, the adolescents would be the the young faces of the reggaeton scene in the Dominican Republic. The duo dissolves when Ov decides to move to Miami, to work alongside Latin Grammy engineer and producer: Pamela Velez, both by the hand of Addicted 2 Fame and A2F Studios. Ov and his team worked hard to the point that he became: ' A chameleon writer' baptized by the talented Nia Skyfer, stating that: 'Ov could transform into any artist he works with'. With time, his label gave him the opportunity to write with artist and producers such as: Malu Trevejo, Chris Tamayo, J Alvarez, Mestiza, The Best Soundz, Saga White Black, Leslie Shaw, Vitao, Corina Smith, Gente De Zona, CNCO, Yotuel, Matt Paris and many more. But Ov's dream was always to be greatest artist and now, with his team leaded by Grammy Nominated engineer: ZAIGO and Latin Grammy Nominated producer: CUNDIBEATZ, they have created a masterpiece: Heartbroken Boyz Club, to start a new journey in music.
  • R.E.Y
    Uncertainty and courage. The stories of how I began to love my predators. Loneliness and attachment. The love I found in my deepest fears. The ecstasy and the pain of freeing thy soul. I sail an ocean of emotions through music and you may reflect on the water, resonating with the magic infused in every note. This is journey from earth to the fifth dimension, sit and relax, I will get you to the station, you've been here before.
  • Krishna
    Krishna is a Mexican, Miami-based creative expressing herself through architectural design and of course, music. She is the vinyl radio host of Juicy Fruit Records. Her sounds are fused with bits of Cumbia, Salsa, Samba and Funk.
  • The Circle Live
    The Circle Live is a unique, 3 6 0˚ LIVE MUSIC EVENT in Miami,FL that combines musicians from all over the world in a CIRCULAR STAGE , where everybody can appreciate how music is created through improvisation. The Circle Live combines LIVE MUSIC (10 + sets of improvised music performances) + DJs + Food & Drinks + Networking environment for content creators, emerging artists, and music industry professionals.
  • Jona Camacho
    JONA CAMACHO is one of the most notable new artists from Colombia. His extraordinary ability as a composer, performer and arranger is showcased in his new project Sincipado Vol 1, a 5-song EP. JONA once again explores his fusion of pop and R&B to materialize one of the best productions of his career, and that ratifies him as one of the most relevant figures in the current Latin music landscape.With his surprising vocal ability, JONA presents "Dulce Vino", a song performed and produced by himself, and mixed and mastered by the prestigious engineer Nicolás Essig, whose credits include Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Avicii, Calvin Harris and Amy Winehouse, among many others.
  • Perreo Galactico
    Perreo Galactico is a reggaeton party that originated in Miami 2021 by Karen Ponce also know on social media for @kgponce. The party was created to bring together all those who enjoy reggaeton as much as she does. Ever since the party has been hosted 4 times in Miami and also in Tampa growing a following on its social media of more than 1200 followers. We are more than happy to announce it's come back this November 5th at Unsin Festival taking place at Oasis Wynwood.
  • Jovi
    With a background of a mix of genres, when it comes to creating a dj set jovigibs tends to be pretty eclectic, although gravitating mostly towards sounds of italo-disco, spacey electro and vintage house.
  • León Esayag
    Foundation Media, LLC
    As Head of Latin at Foundation Media, boutique distributor based in Miami, FL, León Esayag has carved a niche in the US/Latin Market. Working with artists such as Yorghaki, Gus, Danny Schiller among others. Leon focuses on being the first steppingstone in the artist career before jumping to life changing opportunities.
  • Larry Coll
    Coll Music
    Larry Coll is a producer, musician and Songwriter from Cali, Colombia established in Miami, Florida. A Multi Latin Grammy Award nominee and 2019 Latin Grammy Award Winner as recording engineer for Kany Garcia's Album "Contra el Viento" for "Best Singer-Songwriter" album of the year. Larry is a current member of the folk band "Kerreke" who is one of the featured artist on Venezuela's own Jorge Luis Chacin's latest album also nominated for Latin Grammy Awards 2022. Coll's credits includes Christian Pagan, Pitizion, Joaquina, Willie Gómez, Melina Leon, Manolo Ramos, Kany Garcia, Proyecto 1, Mirella Cesa, Manu Manzo, Vikina among others new and upcoming artists.
  • Mariana Franco
    DSP Marketing Director, Latin-Iberia (USLatin, Mexico, Andean & Caribbean regions, South Cone, and Spain) at ONErpm. Before joining her current company, she was living in Los Angeles where she studied an M.A in Music Business at UCLA and worked at a PR company where she developed marketing and promotion strategies for Latin artists that were scheduled to perform at the renowned Hollywood Bowl. Mariana was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, and before moving to the USA in 2018 she was working as a Tour Manager (around South America & Mexico) for some of the biggest artists in the globe such as Aerosmith, Residente, The 1975, Andres Calamaro, Julian Casablancas & The Voidz, and Incubus amongst others. She is very passionate about Latin music and she wants to keep pushing her culture forward and helping in amplifying Latin voices around the globe.
  • Simón Benegas
    Simon Benegas is an Argentine Singer-Songwriter and the Co-Founder and CEO of Nómade, an intimate concert production company that was born in Buenos Aires in 2016 and now has expanded to Miami and Barcelona. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2016 and began his artistic journey. He released an album, an EP, 7 singles, and went on a North American Tour where two of his musicians and best friends later became the Co-Founders of Nómade, a company that echoes his musical style of connection through simple, minimalistic and stripped down production, empowering the lyrics and melody to take the role as main (almost sole) communicators of his art. He moved to Miami in 2020 and began Nómade Miami in 2021. They have done over 50 shows with 100+ local and international artists so far, with many more to come.
  • Alfonso Ordoñez
    Miami based Engineer, Producer, Songwriter. Three times Latin Grammy Award winner. Owner of RED DOT RECORDING, one of the most prestigious recording studios in Miami. Since 2016 RED DOT RECORDING entered a Joint Venture with Peermusic publishing (the world's biggest independent music publisher). Alfonso has work with some of the biggest artist in the latin music industry such as: Alejandro Sanz, Tego Calderon, Natalia Jimenez, Buika, Daddy Yankee, Orishas, Beatriz Luengo, Zion & Lennox, Yandel, Plácido Domingo, Chayanne, Prince Royce, Chiquis Rivera, Diego Torres, among many others.Currently Nominated for 2 Latin Grammy Awards 2022 with the Albums:"El mundo esta loco" by Jorge Luis Chacin in which he participated as the main producer, songwriter and engineer. And also with the Album "Ella" by Daniela Padron and Glenda DelE that was recorded and mixed by Alfonso at his studio.
  • Frost Hernandez
    The Fame Culture
    Frost Hernandez is the founder of THE FAME CULTURE, a Latino Brand Marketing firm specializing in music. THE FAME CULTURE provides brands and artists with the resources and high-level strategy to connect with LatAm and US Latin audiences.
    Most recently, THE FAME CULTURE helped launch DKNY's "Today I Feel" global Fall 2022 campaign which appeared in print, digital, and on billboards around the world including New York City's Times Square.
    Prior to THE FAME CULTURE, Frost worked for many years as Director of Marketing for Sony Music Entertainment where he was part of the team that helped launch the careers of The Chainsmokers, MAX, Jewel, Jordin Sparks, DJ Khaled, among others.
    As Product Manager for American pop star MAX, Frost played a pivotal role in the commercial success of the artist's hit single "Lights Down Low", which went #1 at US radio and became RIAA certified Platinum, garnering over 500 Million global streams and the #1 most Shazamed song in the world. Frost also helped secure Pepsi as a brand sponsor and helped launch the beta for Airbnb's first-ever music performances which later became Airbnb Experiences.
    Frost is also a partner of YahYah Music, a Latin-focused record label, music publishing, and management company. He resides in NYC with his wife Nina and their cat Buster.
  • Juan Pablo Sanchez-Williams
    Miami Art Society
    Juan Pablo Sanchez-Williams, professionally known as J.P. Sanchez, is the owner and curator of Miami Art Society, the city's only gallery focusing on exhibiting artists based, or born in, Miami exclusively. Sanchez graduated from the University of Miami in 2013 with a double major in Anthropology and Art History, focusing his studies in Museum Curation, Ethnographic research, and archaeological digs. With a career in the art world spanning over a decade, he has project-managed over 50 mural projects, curated nearly 60 exhibits, has participated in half a dozen art fairs, and manages 50 artists under the banner of M.A.S. It is both the gallery and the curators vision to be a major proponent for the local arts that have thrived in Miami for decades and which have given birth to one of the largest art movements in the world, Wynwood.
  • Corina Azpurua
    As Head of Editorial and Marketing Partnerships Americas for leading digital music company Believe, Corina Azpurua oversees the EMP department in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and US Hispanic music markets. Since joining the company in 2020, Corina's role has focused on building a team whose mission is to prepare and plan releases, pitch and negotiate with digital streaming platforms to obtain visibility for our artists and develop artists' careers locally. Before joining Believe, Corina was the sales and marketing manager for Stingray Music, largest independent media company in Canada and prior to that she was a sales associate at BBC Worldwide Latin America.
  • Tita Garcia
    Sofar Sounds
    Tita García is a Creative Producer, Music & Cultural Curator, Artist Relations/Management and bilingual Experiential Marketing professional born in Ecuador and raised in Miami. She currently resides in Miami, FL.Leveraging her expertise in both underground and mainstream Latinx cultural landscapes and markets. Tita has curated experiences in music, content & culture for brands like HBO MAX, HBO Latino, Sofar Sounds, Time Out Market, Remezcla, Red Bull, New York Latino Film Festival, Heineken, Bud Light, Pepsi, Beam Suntory, Moet Chandon, Pernod Ricard among other notable brands.A seasoned Entrepreneur and Producer whose experience is in identifying & curating talent, producing and promoting live concerts and film festivals; representing artists, bookings; and transforming big ideas into massive branded national events across the US and Mexico. Today, she is the Lead Music Curator for Sofar Sounds Miami, bringing a new wave of independent artists and people together to intimate live music shows in unique secret settings. Constantly building and maintaining relationships. Invested in the community and emerging musicians where she can create a connection and cultivate the path for their success.
  • Carlos Aybar
    Mishu Music
    Carlos is the CEO of Mishu Music, the producers of Isle of Light Music Fest in Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. and the Escala Sonora concerts in Miami, FL, as well as other music properties across both markets (House of Creatives, Radio Bizarro, Summer Station). He has a Bachelor's in Marketing from La Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo and completed several certifications in Music Business from Berklee Online. Carlos ran a record label for over 6 years in Brooklyn, NY and later focused solely on concerts and live events, running two festivals a year from 2015-2020. Since 2020, he has been a member of the Latin Recording Academy and the Rolling Stone Culture Council, where he has been quoted on online articles a handful of times.

    With a personal mission to help elevate the Indie market and connect Latinx artists to the Miami and Dominican audiences, Carlos wears the "Agent of Culture" badge with the highest honor.
  • Santiago Duque
    Exile Music
    Santiago Duque is a music executive passionate about artist development. A musician himself, Santiago has over 10 years of experience in the music business, playing integral roles in the development of top-tier artists at key companies. Prior to Exile, Santiago was a Label Manager at Rimas Entertainment, working with artists such as Mora and Lyanno, matching their artistic needs with effective global campaign strategies. Before Rimas, Santiago was a Senior Label Manager at Sony Music Entertainment, where he led the development of renowned international and local artists including Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Harry Styles, Rosalia, Residente, and many more, balancing market needs and artists' crafts.
  • Yorghaki
    Yorghaki is an artist/producer who collaborates with artists as if they were hooked on a string. Deriving from his Arab roots and heavily influenced by artists like John Mayer, Frank Ocean and many other bands, he has managed to find his sound. Producing with a soul catching Pop rhythm and joyous melodies. Signed by Warner Latin Music, Yorghaki has developed a new starting point for many collaborations "inigualable" with Aloisio, "ive been thinking lately" with Marcos G and "guerra fría" with Pol Granch and Matt Hunter. He emerged from a broad musical background to bring an intimate experience to his listeners. With each song, a hero's journey begins, and it comes to an end with a sigh of relief. In 2017, with "la primera vez," featuring Gus, he started his voyage into a new segment of his life. Only a year apart, he opened 2018 with great success alongside Luisa and Gus with "Frío". They managed to license the song to an MTV show "The Real World. Season 33 Mexico". Later in 2020, many doors opened with his EP "click aquí" featuring his hit song "pa' que te rías," with Gus and Gonza Silva. After a wide acclamation in Spain, Yorghaki expanded his borders collaborating with Gus for his album "Verano, por siempre" in the song "cuando llega la noche" featuring Spanish artist Paula Cendejas.
  • Diego Contento
    Diego Contento is a Colombian producer, songwriter and engineer based in Miami, FL. Throughout his career, he's had one Grammy Nomination and four Latin Grammy Nominations. He has worked with numerous artists throughout the industry such as Pedro Capo, Farruko, Maná, Carlos Vives, Sofia Reyes, Lasso, and Raquel Sofia to name a few, together with independent artists in the Latin American and greater Miami Area. He worked alongside renowned producer George Noriega for various years, where he honed his skills as a producer and writer before going fully independent. Diego is currently signed as a songwriter and producer with Warner Chappell Music and works closely together with major labels such as Sony Music Latin and Warner Music Latin, as well as independent labels. He is a skilled musician and multi-instrumentalist, and a Berklee College of Music graduate. He is always exploring new sounds combining his influences in rock, R&B and Pop with today's modern sound.
  • Tania Dorantes
    Tania Dorantes is currently a Strategic Partner Manager of the Music Label Partnerships team for LATAM & US Latin at Meta.
    She has 10 years working on Latin & International Music Marketing, digital sales & content strategies, data analysis, new business development and partner, artist & management relationships. Tania has experience in public speaking and onsite or web training courses on digital platforms, digital trends & data analysis for English and Spanish speaking markets. Previously, Tania worked for Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Red Bull. Tania was born and raised in Mexico and is currently based in Miami, FL, with a bachelor's degree in Communications from Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • Alejandra Olea
    As Managing Director, Americas for leading global digital music company Believe, Alejandra Olea oversees Latin America, Spain, Portugal and US Hispanic music markets. Since joining the company last year in 2020, Olea has spearheaded localized initiatives that have widened profit margins and grown audience share on behalf of Believe artists. She has also restructured and grown Believe's local teams in order to maximize impact for artists in the territories she oversees. Before joining Believe, Olea was the General Manager for Stingray Music, the largest independent media company in Canada where she oversaw all operations and management of the Latin American region, bringing growth and brand equity for the company during her years of employment. She was also the Vice President of Integrated Sales at BBC Worldwide Latin America & US Hispanic, responsible for channel distribution, program and format sales. Prior to that, Olea held posts at DIRECTV Latin America as a Regional Director, as well as management positions in sales at Sony Pictures Television Latin America and Tepuy/Telemundo International. She has also consulted for Deezer and Naim Media. Olea graduated from the School of Foreign Services at Georgetown University. In 2019, she returned to academia to focus on a specialization on data analytics, graduating from the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP) before joining Believe.
  • Dennis Murcia
    Record Label Music
    Dennis Murcia is a bass player, producer and entertainment industry executive who has worked in A&R, radio and advertising sales. Has held positions at KRBE radio and Telemundo TV in Houston, TX, was International production consultant for CARACOL radio and A&R for Sony Music in Colombia, where he helped develop multi platinum artist Shakira. Has produced albums for Sony Music, Universal Music, Univision Music, Discos Fuentes, Codiscos and many indie artists in different formats. Currently International Marketing / A&R / Digital Strategist for Tropisounds / Codiscos one of the oldest independent music labels in the America's. Even though he is a rocker at heart, Dennis also has 3 Latin Grammy nomination credits and two Billboard Latin recognitions.
  • Oliver Kid
    Playground Studios
    Oliver Kid is a producer, songwriter and DJ from Caracas, Venezuela. Oliver Kid's style brings together pop, electronic/dance and latin music. He started producing and writing demos in his bedroom and self-releasing his mixtapes, remixes and mashups on Soundcloud.
    Moving to Miami in 2018, he went from working in the Marketing Team at Warner Music Latin, to starting his own music studio and record label - Playground Studios, which serves as the HQ for his creative vision.
    In mid-2022, he released his first two singles as a latin artist producer: "Dímelo" with Marcos G and Chicocurlyhead, and "Colores" with Sobrino.

  • Maria Elisa Ayerbe
    Audio Engineer
    Maria Elisa Ayerbe is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer from
    Colombia who has worked for GRAMMY and Latin Grammy awarded
    and nominated albums.With more than 15 years of experience in
    recording, mixing, post production, and music production, Maria Elisa
    has been part of the musical productions for artists such as Mary J Blige,
    New Kids on the Block, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Laura Pausini,
    Juanes, Kronos Quartet, Nashville Symphony, Bogota Philharmonic
    Orchestra, New World Symphony, among many others.

  • Daniel Hygge
    Daniel is a multi-passionate creative artist who pursued Business Administration, Music Business and Mass Communications. After 12 years of experience in the Entertaiment industry, Daniel has contributed as a Creative Director in projects with Redbull, Sony Music, Pepsi, MTV, Warner Music, among others; constantly rediscovering himself through visual arts. Find him connecting with artists and transforming homes into entertainment venues.
With music, art and panels, UNSIN is a multi-genre music festival that glows during 1 full day in Oasis Miami. In addition to the open air stage, there will be an indoor stage with music, 4 music panel sessions, food court with 10 types of cuisine and 2 bars.
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.