• Gustavo Oviedo
    Gustavo Oviedo's artistic style with large-scale paintings of organic forms straight from the depths of the ocean's cosmic consciousness. Hours of navigating South Florida's waterways breathe a sense of calm among the colorful shapes that populate this series. Painted forms interact with ease. Lines are texture. A fluorescent pop explosion against a contrasting sea of tranquility released onto canvas. The calm and steadfastness of an explorer, both at sea and in the studio, distilled with a painter's brush in exquisite colors, offers a cathartic release from city life for us all. These paintings vivid and alive invite us into Gustavo's worldly visions and they remind us of how much wonder there is in the world if we choose to explore it."
  • Rutamfi
    Ruth Burotte is a Haitian-American New World School of the Arts graduate in Art & Technology. Born in Queens NY, then raised in Forest Park Georgia, to living in Miami. She works in mediums such as illustration, painting, motion design and animation. Her focus is character design with inclusions of story-telling. Ruth has been involved in local urban art projects to lead communities in a new cultural direction. After moving to Miami, she saw a difference in city culture and soon became a part of collectives by becoming an Art Director of Youth Concept Gallery. During her freshman year of college, she was the youngest artist to ever be commissioned by Broward County for public art which started her interest in working on public art projects. In June 2018, Ruth represented Miami in a brand collaboration with Adidas originals where she traveled to Europe for the POD SYSTEM campaign where artists designed a POD adaptation that represented major cities they resided in.
  • Baghead
    Josh Hall, AKA "Baghead", was born and raised in the suburbs of Miami, Florida. After attending only a few semesters of college, Hall furthered his education in mixed media as a street artist, producing commissioned and non commissioned public works. Heavily influenced by skate and tattoo culture, Hall's work references both urban and organic origins that creatively reconstruct his newfound freedom as an artist.
    Based in Miami, CAMNUT is a multidisciplinary project that explores today's image oriented culture through experiments in mark making. A pictograph created from a single line was developed as a formal element that is consistently used throughout the work. This pictograph is often combined with limited color palettes and numerical formulas to generate variations. By automating the decision process through these parameters, focus is placed on the proliferation of the image. Repetition and constant exposure imitate the use of visual language that dominates modern life.
  • Tuto
    Erick "Tuto" Dominguez is a Puerto Rican street artist, muralist, and illustrator residing in Miami. For the past 6 years, Tuto's work has lined murals all across Miami's most prestigious neighborhoods, while exhibiting with numerous galleries and carefully curated art exhibits. His unique painting style blends Asian influences of calligraphy and scroll painting, graffiti illustrations, and Latin American indigineous suffrage paintings to create a beautiful blend of aesthetics exemplifying our globalist times. Focusing on the female figure and womens powerful persona, Tuto brings a magical nostalgia of the beautiful landscapes of his island home and the strong women who reside in it.
  • Erin Fitzgerald
    Combining realism and abstraction, Erin Fitzgerald's paintings capture the issues of self identity and self reflection. Broaching subjects as diverse as mental illness, race, religion, sex, and art history. Through a bracing use of color and a fearless style of painting, Erin Fitzgerald's canvases propose a deeper look within herself and others. Fitzgerald was born in Tennessee and currently lives and works in Miami.
  • AES
    Venezuelan born AES is a graffiti and street artist currently based out of Miami, FL. His iconic character, the ghost, is a symbolic image meant to represent the supernatural and magical nature of the world, perceived through the mysterious smile of the character. AES' style mixes the graffiti illustration style with pop imagery and elements of the world we inhabit.
  • Marlon Pruz
    His art derives from the constant influx of images and ideas rushing through his head and the primal need to manifest them into the world. It is his universal language he can use to tap into communities and connect with people from all walks of life. People watching and his fascination with human interaction to the arts play a major role in his works. A large part of his art is created with the intention of entertaining and captivating all who glance at it. Each piece is created using an explosion of detail, line, and depth, formulating a controlled chaos that grabs the viewer and pulls them into the work.
  • Diana Paz
    Diana PAZ is a Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist based in Miami. In the tradition of minimal abstract work, Paz's practice is ruled by organization. Her works are communicative, using space and texture to identify a point of balance. In each piece, she masterfully combines shape and color as a means of translating feeling and memory. As she builds a piece, she establishes a sense of place. Her method of taking elements from her personal journey, and echoing them across planes of quite color and curious shape, often results in a pleasing union of elements. Like scavenged architectural ingredients, weightlessly supported in a pastel fog
    Joan Jiménez, AKA Entes, is a Lima, Peru-born artist who rose to prominence over the last two decades for his highly expressive murals and paintings. ENTES is one of Peru's most highly acclaimed street artists, painting murals around the world and experimenting with both the medium and presentation of graffiti.
    Fine artist, muralist, music producer and fashion designer, POSHGOD is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Brazil and raised in Miami, FL. Starting his career in his teenage years, his work has been exhibited in multiple galleries around the world and has even toured with his musical productions. His work mixes the aesthetics of japanese animation, goth and metal imagery, urban and graffiti art, and is painted in a faux-naif style that reflects his dynamic view of the world.
  • Santiago Rubino
    Santiago Rubino was born in Buenos Aires in 1979, and is entirely self-taught. For the last seven years, Rubino's work has been exhibited at commercial and art fair-venues in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Mexico City, Toronto and Miami. Between 2007 and 2008, solo presentations of Rubino's work have been held at Jack Shainman Gallery in Chelsea and Spinello Projects in Miami. Rubino has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, MIAMI Magazine, Art & Antiques, Juxtapoz Magazine and Rubino lives and works in Miami.
  • Giano Currie
    Award-winning fine art photographer defined by a strong cultural compass as a result of growing up in one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, Suriname. As a photographer, he strives to sculpt rather than capture the human form. As a fine art photographer, he defines elegance within form by sculpting his subjects with shadows while painting their symmetry with light. His goal as an artist is to document a significant moment in time that can withstand the handles of time in a fine art photojournalistic way.
  • Hoxxoh
    Douglas Hoekzema, also known as Hoxxoh, is a Miami-based artist who has gained international recognition for his innovative approach to contemporary art. With a background in architecture, his works are characterized by intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and a focus on rhythm and repetition. Through a variety of mediums, including murals, sculptures, and paintings, Hoxxoh creates immersive and visually stunning pieces that engage the viewer's senses and challenge their perceptions. With a career spanning well over a decade, Hoxxoh has exhibited his works in galleries and public spaces around the world. His murals can be found in cities such as Miami, Paris and New York, and his sculptures and paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions and art fairs. Hoxxoh's contributions to contemporary art have been widely recognized, and his works are held in private and public collections worldwide.
  • Aholsniffsglue
    Ahol, whose raw yet instantly recognizable street murals evaporate the divide between high and low art, often jumbles disparate themes from mass media, popular culture and marginalized pockets of society. He often draws inspiration from the urban environment and systems of society which dehumanize its inhabitants. Ahol's deceptively simple, yet complex renderings both portray the veneer of our everyday surroundings and the dull, job-related conflicts often encountered in a dysfunctional workplace. The South Florida native is best known for his soaring urban murals depicting expansive fields of drowsy eyes, reflecting his unique vision of life, labor and unrequited love of the mean streets of Miami.
  • Ian Fichman
    Ian Fichman was born in Miami, Florida in 1978. With an outlook that defies the familiar, Ian renounces the regularly scheduled program. He has always been a weirdo. During his years at Florida State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art in 2002, he was introduced to metalwork. Given the freedom to explore the possibilities of the medium, Ian found fulfillment working with his hands. In 2010, after a brief venture into the digital arts, he returned to sculpture. Joining the program at San Diego State University, Ian gained unlimited access to the sculpture lab where he worked as a technician. It was there that he began to fine-tune the style and techniques that have made his work what it is today. Returning to his hometown, Ian set up shop at Studio #1 in the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood. Committed to creating, he works full time in his practice to expand his portfolio, while searching for opportunities to increase the reach of his work.
  • Brian Butler
    Brian Butler is a Miami-based illustrator, muralist and designer. Prior to moving to South Florida, he studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and toured colleges across the country with Microsoft and Cut & Paste, a global design tournament. When he began his career as a designer, he simultaneously launched a successful profession as a muralist and illustrator. Butler has collaborated with brands such as Vice, Target, Tumblr, Red Bull, Converse, Superfly, The Miami Heat and Pabst Blue Ribbon. His illustrations have graced prominent music festivals like Bonnaroo, SXSW, Riot Fest, Ultra, and The Governor's Ball, to name a few. Outside of his artwork, Butler has forayed into artist curations and consultations. He has organized group exhibitions, spearheaded the music publication The Miami Palmest, and has consulted for numerous artist-driven activations led by major brands and agencies.